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Email Policy

The Webmaster will be the official gatekeeper of the e-mail list ofThePoodles.com. The e-mail list will not, at any time, be shown or given to any person not directly employed by ThePoodles.com

e-Mail information is not maintained in a printed directory, but in a secure database within our company. The e-mail address will be used only for official correspondence.

ThePoodles.com will not publish individual e-mail addresses on our website, no anywhere else, at any time.

ThePoodles.com will not distribute e-mail lists of its members to any person or organisation, other than legal authorities who, by law, have the right to it.

Email is the ONLY communication channel used by ThePoodles.com to contact clients. Contact is only made when necessary, for example advising a client that their hosting account is due. We do not direct-email clients with special offers nor promote products via email.

We do not use regular postal mail.

Please access our Support World here at any time.

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